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Volga Verdi — "Win"

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WIN collection


Today the world sees for the first time our 2014 line, called the WIN Collection. We're starting with only one design, Nicolas. Style-wise it gives a clue, a very subtle one, on what you might see from Volga Verdi down the road. Why is there just one product?

- We're changing a few things:


The crowdsourcing boom has shown that the manufacturers don't have to behave the same way they have for centuries. Internet is changing everything, and we are fully embracing the "responsive" model of production. 

From now on, every release will be open for the public judgement before it's produced, and we'll let you decide if it makes it to production. It works simply: 

  1. A new design is released for pre-ordering. 
  2. A limited number of pre-orders can be made for the reduced price (usually around 50%-70%)
  3. If the number of pre-orders reaches a certain point, the design goes to production (but stays available for ordering, with a smaller discount)
  4. The final product is manufactured and becomes available for the general public. Pre-orders and in-production orders ship first.
  5. In case the pre-orders are slow, we would either manufacture the design anyway, or refund all the orders with an option to exchange for a lifetime voucher for any other shirt, independent of price, future or existing.

Hence, the product's price cycle is:

  1. Week 1: Release price: 50% off - limited quantity
  2. Weeks 2-3: Production price: 20% off - limited quantity
  3. Week 4: Full, In Stock price


We are introducing a mechanism to track new releases (men's, women's or both) via e-mail. Because of a limited number (a few dozen) of pre-orders available, you should track (subscribe for) releases if you want to get them at the dramatically reduced prices.


WIN shirts are 100% redesigned from scratch. Custom-made at a new factory in Los Angeles, from the best cotton in North America, and additionally treated for softness. They feature a new fit and cut, v-neck and crew-neck styles (for men's styles), elegant stitching and, of course, nice new packaging. 

Our main headquarters remain online at volgaverdi.com, but the physical operations are now moved to San Francisco, a city of thriving innovation that fosters creative startups.


As per popular demand, we have two female base pieces and many designs in the queue. Track women's releases to be notified when the first one is available.



As we roll, we will announce challenges (both offline and online) where you can WIN something from VV while doing something fun and, well, challenging. That's as much as we can tell at this moment. 


- Peter

To discuss, head to our facebook page


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