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>> Volga Verdi is the most contrasting artifact of your attire. Now you can have a vent of full-throttle color with no sacrifice of style

>> It's a beautiful and meaningless world, so live bright >> don't hold back >> bring light.

Author's Statement:

"I'm building an independent entity, following a vision of what my ideal brand should be: Just like any person, a brand should have integrity and character. Not an amorpheous combination of marketing exclamations, appealing but fake model shots, sellable products, paid ads etc. Brand is a body, it has a shape, a voice. It's a thing that exists. Volga Verdi is a beautiful, kind and authentic exotic bird. It can't be perfect, just like anything. But it has aspiration for high ideals, which makes it charismatic.

The core of the character is the brightness, or luminance, which is the measure of energy; What's the first thing you think when you say Volga Verdi? You'll think bright. Superbright.

The integrity is represented by the manufacturing quality and service. They must be second-to-none. We can't compete with big brands in margins, but we can in overall quality and service.

The purpose of the brand's existance is in the message it carries. It brings people the energy, confidence and power to push limits in their appearance and behavior. Those limits, in everyday life, in little details, is what holds us back from being grand. Don't let life control you, life is limitless and so is your power. Moreover, it's maximized in this very moment, right now.

Best education is by example. We are to be that example."

Oct 23, 2014

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